Ethylmagnesium bromide, 0.9M solution in THF, AcroSeal , ACROS Organics 100mL; AcroSeal glass bottle packed in tin can Chemicals:Organic Compounds:Organic salts:Organic metal CH3COC2H5 +C2H5MgBr —→CH3CHOH(C2H5)2.+MgBrOH. We are comprehensively presenting an extensive range of Ethylmagnesium Bromide. 5m solution in tetrahydrofuran-toluene that has been highly appreciated in the market. Methyl Magnesium Bromide 1.5M Solution In Tetrahydrofuran- Toluene. It has wide use in chemistry ; It can be converted to number of compounds under different conditions . This chemicals is also known as Ethyl Magnesium Bromide 3.0M in DEE/1.0M in THF 925-90-6. It is actually a alkyl magnesium halide or can be phenyl magnesium halide. CH3COOC2H5 +C2H5MgBr —dry ether—->CH3COC2H5 +C2H5OH + MgBrOH. The Ethyl magnesium bromide can be converted to ethane by carrying out hydrolysis . Explanation: Grignard reagent . 75-16-1. we specialize in processing, supplying and exporting excellent quality methyl magnesium bromide 1. When bonded to an ethyl group it is used for regiospecific analysis of triglycerols. Our chemical is Ethyl methyl ketone reacts with excess ethyl magnesium bromide to give tertiary hexyl alcohol. Also, it is widely used as fumigant, solvent, agent in gasoline, refrigerant, anesthetic in medicine and ethylating agent in organic synthesis. Magnesium bromide when bonded to other functional groups has shown more practical uses other than catalyzing reactions. Magnesium bromide hexahydrate is being worked with to be used as a flame retardant. The product obtained on treating acetone with ethyl magnesium bromide followed by hydrolysis is : Ethyl magnesium bromide, Ethylmagnesiumbromide, Ethylmagnesium bromide solution; Magnesium, bromoethyl, Ethylmagnesium bromide, 3M in ether, 40% (3.4M) in 2 … Cas No.