anyhow... i have looked up some info on lucky bamboo and it said if you chose to plant your Lucky Bamboo in a container with soil plant in propagating sand (30%) and coco peat (70%) This mix will hold moisture very well- dont let it dry out!
This is Dracaena sanderiana plant, which is the type of tropical water lily. Lucky Bamboo is a very low caring houseplant, which flourishes well in low light. Lucky bamboo in water is an excellent enhancer and protector of wealth and health. Lucky bamboo – the bringer of good fortune – has become a very successful indoor plant.. Key facts for Lucky bamboo. Use bamboo to handle annual afflictions. Commonly used in "feng shui," the Eastern method of bringing balance to one's environment, lucky bamboo is believed to bring water and wood together, creating a balanced energy in the space it occupies. The Lucky bamboo is an easy to grow plant which can thrive in soil or water. Dracaena or lucky bamboo is not even distantly related to bamboo. Name – Dracaena sanderiana Type – indoor plant Height – 5 feet (1.5 meters). Water Problems: Yellowing bamboo stalk is caused commonly due to inadequate watering. Therefore, make sure you use gentle fertilizer and bottled spring water. Lucky bamboo likes to be crowded and will need time to adjust to its new surroundings. Lucky and Lotus Bamboos are not true bamboo plants, but are houseplants of the Dracaena species. Most problems that occur, usually takes a long time for the plant to show that it is stressed and that symptom can be caused by other problems either alone or in conjunction with the water. Because lucky bamboo generally is grown in water without soil, its roots are more visible than roots covered by soil.

Flowering – insignificant. If your lucky bamboo has yellow leaves that are beginning to drop, it may be dying. Both are tropical plants native to Africa with slender stems or stalks and strap-like foliage. However, it might be saved with a bit of effort. While this plant has the common name of bamboo it is not an actual bamboo plant species and belongs to the dracaena genus, although the stalks have a similar appearance. But lucky bamboo is also an effective cure for annual afflictions like the 5 and 2 stars that bring health and financial problems wherever they visit. Exposure – well-lit Soil – water and then soil mix Foliage – evergreen. There are four possible causes for a lucky bamboo turning yellow outside of disease: water, light, fertilizer, or temperature. There seems to be a lot of confusion of what water should be used on lucky bamboo. Lotus Bamboo (D. The key is to re-pot the lucky bamboo into a fast draining soil media usually on top of a layer of stones or crockery pieces. When lucky bamboo is transplanted, especially if the roots are cut, the plant will go through transplant shock. Lucky bamboo and Water. Chemically polluted, toxic water or chemical fertilizers can also lead to yellow stalks. What water into use on lucky bamboo?

The key to saving a plant when the yellow appears is to assess the cause and take action to restore the plant to health.

oops- i meant 3-4, not 3-3 inches. It’s not really bamboo. Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo Plant. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is also called Ribbon Dracaena or Ribbon Plant for its long thin foliage. Lucky bamboo should have just enough water to cover its roots, or 1 inch of water. know How to grow lucky bamboo plant, lucky bamboo care, Trimming and shaping Lucky bamboo and many more this article.. Lucky bamboo plant Lucky bamboo plants can develop yellow leaves or yellow stalks for a number of reasons. Left to its own devices, a dracaena plant can grow 6 feet high, or more, but …