… Madurai 2020 Population The next census for Madurai Population will be held in 2021. Madurai city is governed by Municipal Corporation and is situated in Madurai Urban Region. Madurai district ranked 9th in terms of the highest population among the districts. In the past, Madurai suffered a reduction in population growth rate from the ’80s till 2000 due to the split of the Madurai district into two parts.
Madurai District population constituted 4.21 percent of total Maharashtra population.
POPULATION DENSITY AND GROWTH OF MADURAI: The population density of Madurai is 6425 people per square kilometre. In 2001 census, Madurai had a population of 2,578,201 of which males were 1,303,363 and remaining 1,274,838 were females. The district urban population was 60.8%. In 2001 census, this figure for Madurai District was at 4.13 percent of Maharashtra population. … The child forms 9.86 % of total population of Madurai City. There were 51,485 boys while 48,839 are girls. The district has recorded sex ratio of 990, lower than the State sex ratio of 996.

The city at the current time has a population growth rate of 17.8% and the number of people living here is rising. Madurai Child Population 2011 Total children (0-6) in Madurai city are 100,324 as per figure from Census India report on 2011. The population density of the district was 819 persons/sq km.