Jordan Terrell Carter (born September 13, 1995), popularly known as Playboi Carti, is an American recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Playboi Carti Returns With His New Single “@ Meh” About “@ MEH” “@ MEH” is the lead single off of Playboi Carti’s long-awaited sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red . Carti began his music career in 2011 as This is the first of four versions of “Shawty in Love”. All Day* Lyrics: Lyrics from Snippets / I'm ready to die, hold up / You pull up, young nigga, you dead, yeah / I pull up, young nigga, you're, uh / I pull up, young nigga, you dead / I put a young “Shawty in Love” is an unreleased song in which Playboi Carti brags about women, cars, and clothes.

(I'm tired) I do want to go but I can't (Beep) (I'm tired) Hello? Playboi Carti Lyrics "Shawty In Love" What are you talking about? “Whole Lotta Red” is an unreleased track recorded in 2019 during production of Playboi Carti’s album Whole Lotta Red.. It leaked on February 22, 2018. I wanna go Carti, I wanna go to Pluto with you Carti, I wanna go to Pluto (Pssh, beep, pssh) (Pssh) Turn me up Check it out (Pssh) Ooh, 808 (Slatt, what?