Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Potassium chloride, 7447-40-7. The chemical formula for the compound is KCl and the it behaves very much similar to the sodium chloride.

Example: The first box is the intersection between the “zinc” cation and the “chloride” anion, so you should write “ZnCl 2”, as shown. This is an important metal and an essential electrolyte too. It is corrosive to skin. Electrolytes, like potassium and chloride, are vital to the normal functioning of the human body (e.g., blood pressure homeostasis, kidney function, cell communication, pH buffering).

Trust Similac Sensitive to provide a strong start for your baby's developing digestive system. It is the most common chlorate in industrial use. Potassium chloride is characterized by a colourless, crystalline appearance and an odourless smell. It is odorless and has a saline taste. Many potassium salts are of utmost importance, including the hydroxide, nitrate, carbonate, chloride, chlorate, bromide, iodide, cyanide, sulfate, chromate, and dichromate. What is Potassium Chloride? “This change may increase consumer recognition that potassium chloride is an ingredient similar to sodium-based salt — with the added benefit that it contains potassium,” Arnold said. But your baby’s more frequent fussiness and gas could be a sign that a different formula is needed. Potassium chloride is a salt containing a bond between a metal and a halogen. The chemical name of the active ingredient is potassium chloride and the structural formula is KCl. An alloy of sodium and potassium (NaK) is used as a heat-transfer medium. Answer: Potassium chloride is absorbed into the body in the form of its constituent ions: potassium and chloride. Its solutions are neutral to litmus.

Has OptiGRO™ to support your baby's brain and eye development. 11:00. Its chemical formula is KOH. † Due to lactose sensitivity. Potassium helps regulate plant metabolism and affects water pressure regulation inside and outside of plant cells. Potassium chloride extended-release capsules, USP, are an oral dosage form of microencapsulated potassium chloride containing 600 mg and 750 mg of potassium chloride, USP, equivalent to 8 mEq and 10 mEq of potassium, respectively. The chemical structure of the compound is given as below where one potassium cation is connected with one chloride anion. About 700,000 tons are made each year. Drug Name Active Ingredients Strength Dosage Form/Route Marketing Status TE Code RLD RS; POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: 20MEQ/15ML: SOLUTION;ORAL: Prescription It reacts with acids to give potassium salts. Potassium hydroxide is a chemical compound. Although water and the principal electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and chloride) are often excluded from lists of nutrients, these substances are essential dietary components, in that they must be acquired from the diet either exclusively or—in the case of water—in amounts well in excess of that produced by metabolism in the body. The Organic Chemistry Tutor 526,818 views. It is a white powder.