pinnatisecta G.B.Ownbey (Sacramento Prickly Poppy) is a federally listed endangered member of Papaveraceae, known from a few small populations on the western slope of the Sacramento Mountains in Otero County, New Mexico (Fish … In this proposed modification, we synthesize the adequacy of the existing recovery criteria, show amended recovery criteria, and provide the rationale supporting the proposed recovery plan modification. A very thorny looking perennial that grows up to a meter and a half in height. This is a rare species known only from the western slope of the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico. The thorny stems are covered in bluish green serrated leaves with spiky tips.

pinnatisecta) is a species of concern belonging in the species group "plants" and found in the following area(s): New Mexico. Facts Summary: The Sacramento Prickly Poppy (Argemone pleiacantha ssp.

(Sacramento prickly poppy). The park features about seven miles of hiking trails with paved sections to accommodate wheelchair visitors. At …

The Sacramento prickly poppy has traditionally been recognized as a third subspecies, A. p. ssp. Once finalized, the modification will be an addendum that supplements the common names Sacramento Prickly-poppy, Sacramento Prickly Poppy, Southwestern Pricklypoppy (ITIS ) Sacramento Prickly Poppy (photographer) Check the Plants Database (USDA website) View Encyclopedia of Life record for Argemone pinnatisecta Argemone pleiacantha Greene subsp.

pinnatisecta, but was recently raised to specific rank based on genetic analyses. Argemone pinnatisecta, known as the Sacramento prickly poppy, is an angiosperm and part of the poppy family. The Sacramento prickly poppy that grows on the western slope of the Sacramento Mountains near Alamogordo, New Mexico, meets all of these criteria. Learn and talk about Sacramento prickly poppy , and check out Sacramento prickly... southwestern pricklypoppy General Information; Symbol: ARPLP Group: Dicot; Sacramento prickly-poppy .