Here I suggest you to go through the free e-course first before going for any other tutorials. SAS provides both paid and free training for SAS visual analytics. You learn to open a new report and existing content; add items to Favorites; switch between open applications and the Home Page; and personalize links on the Links tile. SAS Visual Analytics is a useful skill in a variety of careers, including business analyst, researcher, statistician, or … SAS Visual Analytics 7.4 Exploration and Design exam (A00-277) $180. SAS VA certification is a tool based exam, which isn’t either very difficult or very easy. Analytics is becoming an area of study by itself. Running on the SAS Cloud and using the latest container technology, Analytics Cloud eliminates the need to install, update or maintain software or related infrastructure. Using SAS Visual Analytics, you will learn to access and manipulate data, analyze data with a variety of interactive reports and graphics, and design and share dashboards to visualize your data.

The SAS Global Certification program is proud to announce the release of a new credential: SAS Certified Visual Business Analyst Using SAS Visual Analytics.This credential is designed for analysts who are using SAS Visual Analytics to explore data and create insightful data visualizations. I would rate it as a moderate exam. The SAS Certified Visual Business Analyst - Exploration and Design Using SAS Visual Analytics credential is globally recognized for validating SAS Visual Business Analyst knowledge. sas® analytics cloud A powerful new way to get world-class software as a service (SaaS) from SAS. This video covers the essentials of the SAS Visual Analytics Modern Home Page. This course is well designed for beginners ( SAS VA for Insurance Companies , replace 64 with 63 or 71 in url depending on your version of Visual Analytics.

SAS visual analytics is the latest advancement in the fast-growing analytics domain. The SAS Visual Analytics SDK is a collection of JavaScript libraries that web developers can use to embed SAS Visual Analytics content within custom web pages and web applications. SAS Certified Visual Modeler Using SAS Visual Statistics 7.4. ).